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The Oman Human Rights Commission celebrates the Human Rights Day

The Oman Human Rights Commission celebrated the Human Rights Day under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Abdullah Al Khalili, Minister of Justice.

During his speech on this occasion, Honorable Sheikh Abdullah bin Shuwain Al Hosni, Chairman of the Oman Human Rights Commission, said that the Commission stands with confidence and pride with what has been accomplished since its establishment in accordance with the Royal Decree 124/2008. He noted that the Commission focused on achieving its goals, duties, and responsibilities assigned to it to serve human rights of the citizen and the resident. He noted that the issuance of the Royal Decree (29/2019) appointing the chairman and members of the fourth term of the Commission was the key event of the year for the Commission.

Regarding human rights issues in the Sultanate, the Chairman of the Commission, Sheikh, said: This year the Commission dealt with more than 130 items through all means to monitor and receive notifications.

The reports were related to civil, economic and social rights. The Commission worked in accordance with its competencies to deal with these issues and find appropriate solutions for them in coordination and cooperation with the competent authorities. The Commission also updated its website and activated its electronic accounts to enhance communication and strengthen interaction with all members of society, in addition to allocating a new number for recording the audio communication (1970- the beginning of the dawn of the blessed Renaissance)

“During this year, field visits were carried out to some sites in cooperation with the departments concerned with observance and service of human rights, particularly the “Central Prison” in Samail, some detention centers of the Royal Oman Police, the Elderly Care Home , and the juvenile guidance home of the Ministry of Social Development om addition to  Al-Masarra Hospital of the Ministry of Health, he added.

The Commission also participated in observing the Shura Council elections for the ninth period, through visits to most of the Shura Council election centers. A number of events, seminars, and workshops were organized, including a “symposium on combating human trafficking” in cooperation with the National Commission to Combat Trafficking Humans ”at the foreign Ministry and a workshop on“ Sustainable Development Goals and Human Rights ”in cooperation with the Regional Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Beirut.

With regard to the foreign participation , the Chairman of the Commission said: The Commission has participated at a number of  external conferences and symposia organized by human rights institutions, led by the “Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions in Geneva”, “Asia Pacific Forum” and “Permanent Arab Commission for Human Rights at the League of Arab States And the Arab Network for Human Rights.

The Commission also monitored and followed up on all international issues and reports that touched on human rights in the Sultanate, and coordinated on them with the competent authorities, then responded to those reports according to the facts that reflect the reality of human rights in the Sultanate.

At the end of this year, as it the norm annually, the Commission will submit a comprehensive report on all its efforts and activities in the field of human rights in the Sultanate. This report will be published and distributed.

During the ceremony, the film on Man in the thought of the Sultan was displayed. The Film illustrates some of the efforts of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed in the field of human service, and his generous care for him.

The ceremony included a theatre performance that aimed at enhancing awareness among the community of the importance of caring for their fathers and mothers, especially when they are old.

The ceremony included honoring pioneering humanitarian initiatives in Omani society. The Oman Human Rights Commission has monitored a pioneering set of humanitarian initiatives targeting various groups in Omani society. During the ceremony, the Commission honored five pioneering humanitarian initiatives and projects that contribute to the promotion of humanitarian work, namely:

  • Fak Kurba

A project launched by the Omani Lawyers Association in 2012, which aims to release the largest possible number of insolvent prisoners who have executed or ongoing detention orders, by collecting financial donations to ensure their re-union with their families.

  • Omani Bahjah Orphans Association, Dhofar Governorate

It is a charitable association for orphans in the Dhofar Governorate, which aims to provide care and assistance to orphans and provide them with supportive activities.

  • The “Their Joy is Our Joy” initiative in Musandam Governorate

The initiative aims to delight orphaned children from low-income families in Musandam Governorate by caring for them and providing them with entertainment elements that make them feel the interest of the community. The initiative is also concerned with protecting children from abuse and neglect.

  • Sanobader Group for you, Muscat Governorate

A volunteer team under the umbrella of the Good Call team, specialized in serving cancer patients in the Sultanate. It provides multiple services to them, in addition to organizing events that help them to raise their morale.

  • The Falaj Al-Sa’arani Project in Al-Buraimi Governorate

An initiative by volunteers from the people of Al Buraimi Governorate to bring the course of Falaj Al-Sa’arani back to life after the water stopped flowing in its path for more than 15 years. The Falaj is one of the ancient Davidic aflaj that is estimated to be more than 3000 years old.



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