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Complaint Steps

hird: Field Visits and Visits to Prisoners:
OHRC duties goes beyond receiving and monitoring reports and complaints, as it also conducts regular and occasional field visits to central prison and places of detention of police stations in the various governorates of the Sultanate. During the field visits, OHRC specialists monitor the condition of detainees and prisoners, as well as assessing the conditions detention centers as per as international

Oman Human Rights Commission
• Email the complaint via Complaints@ohrc.om
• Submit the complaint through an electronic form
available on OHRC website (www.ohrc.om)
• Submit the complaint through a recorded message by calling the toll-free number (80002008), OHRC contact the complainant or visits him/her to complete the proceedings.
With regard to all cases, it is compulsory to meet, visit, or contact the complainant to verify the validity of information, and clarify some aspects of the case, where necessary. Once the complaint is registered, the complainant is given a number through which he or she can follow up the case.
It should be noted that OHRC is not an executive body; but rather an institution that strives to find settlements for complaints in cooperation with the competent authorities within the framework of the rights affirmed by the national laws and legislations, as well as, the international charters and conventions to which the Sultanate has acceded.

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