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Establishment of (OHRC)

The Omani Human Rights Commission (OHRC) was established as per to a Royal Decree No.124/2008 as an independent national entity to
disseminate the culture of human rights among all segment of society and protect human rights as per national and international laws in the Sultanate. The United Nations considers the national human rights institutions as an active partner in promoting and monitoring the effective implementation of international human rights standards at the national level.
The establishment of OHRC in Oman reflects Sultanate’s keenness to observe human rights protection in Oman in line with the basic statute of the state and international charters and conventions, as reflected in the terms of reference and the tasks assigned to the Commission. OHRC comprises of a General Secretariat which implements its objectives and responsibilities. The members of the OHRC are appointed by a Royal Decree every three years and they execute its general policies and plans.

To be an effective national platform to promote and protect human rights among all segments and institutions of the society in Oman.

Disseminate the culture of human rights among all members and institutions of the society and promote and protect human rights according to the national legislations and international laws.