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The Response of the Oman Human Rights Commission (OHRC) to the Issue of Chadian Women

The OHRC followed up on the video regarding some officials and a number of Chadian women. The video reports that these Chadian women had been returned from the Sultanate of Oman after being treated inhumanely by their employers.

Within the framework of its terms of reference and responsibilities, as soon as the OHRC monitored the issue, it communicated with the competent authorities in the Sultanate of Oman to ascertain the truth of the issue and to correct any legal or humanitarian abuse towards the said women. Accordingly, the Commission found the following: –

1- The Chadian women referred to in the video were employed under contracts of employment pursuant to the law and the procedures followed in Oman, under the mutual agreement and consent between the women and the relevant employers.

2- Only one of the said women filed a complaint to the competent authorities for a dispute between her and the employer, the issue was settled as per legal procedures and she accepted to return to work.

3- Through the competent authorities, the OHRC has ascertained that all the aforementioned women have not been subjected to forced labour or human trafficking, as all documents submitted by the competent authorities prove that they have not filed any report or complaint in this regard. The OHRC and the Human Trafficking Committee have not received any report in this regard.

4- After the competent authorities in the Republic of Chad requested the competent authorities in the Sultanate of Oman to assist in facilitating the process of returning the aforementioned women to their countries. As a matter of mutual cooperation between the two sides, the competent authorities in Oman took all the necessary steps in terms of providing travel tickets and receiving their financial dues, in consideration of the period of employment with their employers.

Therefore, the OHRC considers that the case was only a matter of disagreement or lack of agreement between the employers and the aforementioned women. This issue may sometimes occur and is governed by the laws, legislation and procedures of the terms of the contract made between the worker and the employer. Any violation by both parties of these controls and procedures can be reported to the competent authorities, including the Ministry of Labour, the Royal Oman Police and other concerned authorities.

Furthermore, having found such information and facts, the Commission believes that the presentation of the issue through this video and the description thereof was exaggerated and even contradictory to the truth. If there had been any infringement or violation of the rights of the said Chadian women, they would have reported the issue to the competent authorities in Oman prior to their travel in order to investigate any abuse and maintain their rights in accordance with the law. However, neither the said women nor the Republic of Chad, which has followed up on their subject, has reported any case to the competent authorities.

The OHRC affirms that all means of communication and reporting any complaint to the competent authorities are available around the clock to all citizens and residents of Oman. It also welcomes any communication or follow-up request from any third party working to protect human rights.

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